Different Sex Toy Materials: Which One is for You?

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Everyone has a distinct preference in terms of sex. Some would possibly need it rough, a few would possibly adore it gentle, and the list goes on—the same with sex toys. Textures and materials can provide distinct sensations from one person to another. The question is, which one is for you? You can take a look at Liebeswiese for their huge choice that will suit your preference.


silicone purpe rubber


It is an extraordinary non-porous material that could vary in squish-stage from pretty hard to squishy, and it’s far used to make pretty much each form of sex toy out there. Silicone toys are satisfactorily used with water-primarily based lubricants. They are also well matched with oil-primarily based lubes, even though they may be particularly tough to scrub off of them.

Water and gentle cleaning soap are all you want to apply in cleansing non-porous toys. If there are textured or have any crevices that could entice fluid, it’s far encouraged to use a brand new brush to ensure that the one’s regions are completely wiped clean. Pure silicone toys also can be sterilized.

ABS Hard Plastic

Hard plastic toys are non-toxic and non-porous, even though you must be careful with toys that are painted because thriller paint can chip off into your frame. These sex toys may be used with any lubricant, and that they may be wiped clean with cleaning soap and water. Depending on the toy’s end and producer’s instructions, you may wipe them down with rubbing alcohol or use a slight bleach solution.


Stainless metallic and aluminum are safe with any lubricant. As with silicone, you want to make certain you purchase from a straightforward producer to get the cloth advertised. Soap and water are the go-to for cleansing; however, you may also boil steel toys if you want to sterilize. Make positive to position a dishtowel at the lowest of the pot so that the toys and pot do not touch – it can damage the end.


glass chip material

Glass toys also are frame-secure. Just make certain to check out them for cracks or chips earlier than every use. You can use glass toys with any lubricant and smooth them with cleaning soap and water. You also can sterilize them just like different toys. However, be greater aware of intense temperatures. As always, see what the producer recommends.

There are few others together sex toys like glazed ceramic, polished stone, and acrylic. However, it is complicated to determine good practices because the ones are noticeably uncommon. Always follow the producer’s instructions on how to use and clean these toys.