Amazing Tips on How to Use a Fucking Machine

Having a fucking machine gives you the opportunity to take your sexual experience to a level that it has never been. In fact, fucking machines are the future of sex toys. That’s why, if you are using sex toys, you will need to upgrade to a fucking machine. Should you decide to upgrade to a fucking machine, here are tips on how you can use your virtual lover to get your sexual gratification. Warum hat Deutschland so moderne Sextoys? Well, you first need to know how to use them effectively.

Use Lubes

Fucking machines are very satisfying because they are a bit quicker than a human being. A fucking machine can operate with a speed of up to four strokes in one second. Now, it’s very important to note that your pussy is not designed to handle these speed on its own. You will, therefore, need to have some lubes to protect your pussy from friction.


When riding your virtual dick, you will have to focus your mind on the intense simulation that you will be feeling. This is because fucking machines are made to give you a sensation that you have never felt before. To ensure that you enjoy your session, you will have to focus. You can try blindfolding yourself in order to focus.

Use Stable Surfaces

Stability is very important when using your fucking machine. Your fucking machine should be put on a surface that is firm and level. When operating your fucking machine, the forces it will generate as its wheels spin will produce some movements. The fucking machine will thus walk along the surface that you have placed it on. The surface you place it on should be flat if you want to avoid uneven movements.

Hygiene is Important

Just like any other sex toy, your fucking machine should always be kept clean. Immediately after you are done using it, make sure you clean it so that it will be ready for your next session. Anything that gets inside you should always be clean.

Keep Calm

When enjoying the ride, ensure that you keep calm. Fucking machines are made to thrust on a fixed path. You should, therefore, avoid making any sudden movement while you are on a ride. Sometimes if you make movements, the dildo can slip out of your pussy. The dildo could also slip out and go into the wrong orifice.

Size is everything

Before switching on your fucking machine, you should make sure that the dildo you have selected is the right size. Never choose a dildo size that you know you cannot take. If you select a size that is too big to handle, you won’t enjoy the session.